Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog's Day Out for Ellie May

I want you to know my real name is not Ellie May and I don't know why everybody keeps calling me that.  I can't tell you what my name really is, but feel free to rename me if you wish.  Next, how was my day while participating in Dog's Day Out????  Very smelly - remember I am a beagle and love, love, love to smell whatever there is to smell.  Where most beagles like to bark - I don't.  I just love to smell!!!

  • First off the car had all sorts of other dogs' smells and a few dog biscuit smells.  The ride went great, but at times I just wondered where we were going and that made me whine (just a little).  I did get to stick my nose out the window and that brought back memories of all the good smells the world had to offer.
  • Once in the house, I ran from room to room nose to the floor.  I sniffed out the room with treats - I love smelling treats more than I do eating them.  I sniffed out all the places the other dog's loved to go.  I believe this may have been the first time I've gone upstairs - it was slow going, quite an adventure.
  • Then I was put on a long lead outdoors - yippee.  Under the deck I went looking for who-knows-what!!!  I think I would be a great hunting dog, because my nose really works overtime and I love the great outdoors.
  • Today was supposed to be a photo shoot for me - a little PR for the Bangor Humane Society.  It didn't go so well - I could not settle down and I do not know any commands like sit, stay, etc - or at least, I'm not letting on I do.  Every time the camera was in my face, I turned the other way.  If they had only used the command "smile", that might have worked.

  • I'm not a dog that loves to play games with balls and toys.  Maybe it's just that I've never been taught.  I'm not a very needy dog.  Although, when the Mrs. left me in the yard and went across the street to talk with neighbors; after a few minutes, I did bark and want her to come get me.  When she returned, I couldn't stop wagging my tail and just plain showing how much I missed her.   
FYI - if you are looking for a forever dog for your family, it could be me.  Come to the Bangor Humane Society today to have a look.  Do it today, since I probably won't be here long.  Or check me out on PetFinder

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