Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sheila's Day Out

Just to let you know, I am just a puppy and I have huge ears.  Even though I look full grown, I am under a year old.  My real name is probably not Sheila.  I was picked up as a stray and was given that name by the nice folks here at the shelter.  The Bangor Humane Society needed some photos of a stray, so I was the pick today for Dog's Day Out.  Here's how the day went-

The car ride was great!!!  No whining for me - I just wanted to smell all of the other dogs' smells.  On the ride home, I actually almost fell to sleep.

  • Photos went great - I only hope they were looking for pics of the cutest dog lost in the woods.  That's right, an adventure in the woods and I loved it!!!  I don't think I've been on many hikes like this one and was very timid going. But, coming back was another story.  I never did pull and most of the time was on a slack lead.  Photos were great - the Mrs. would sit by a tree and let me explore while she snapped away. 

  • I will let you know that I do not like to be left outside while you're doing whatever inside.  Plus I don't like to be inside while I know that you are doing whatever outside.  I think if you were to leave, that would be fine with me - but if you're close by, I want to be with you!!!

  • I do like toys and also like fetching them.  I will "drop them" most of the time - but make sure to throw them again, because that's the game.  Remember I am only a puppy, so if a leaf happens to float by in the middle of the game - to heck with the game, I'm off chasing leaves:)  I am a very happy-go-lucky sort of dog who loves to sit in your lap while receiving a belly rub.

  • What a great day!!!  Back at the shelter I went into my kennel without any problems.  It was time for a little snooze with thoughts of running in the woods in my head.  If you are looking for a very cute puppy with big ears, I may be the dog for you.  Come to the Bangor Humane Society to check my out.

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