Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kody - September 11th

Today was my lucky day!!! Vicki went to Woofstock and I was the pick for Dog's Day Out. I will say that I am a very curious sort of dog. Here are how things went -

The car ride was great, but I had a hard time staying in one spot. I was never out of control - just kept wandering about. Finally I ended up sitting on the arm rest. It seems I have very good balance and I am quite small. This was a treat:)

When we arrived I ran through the house just to check things out. Did I jump on the furniture - no, I know better than that. I did find toys and that was a good thing. I love toys and I also love to tear up toys!!!

Outside I was put on a very long lead and was able to run around the yard. I do like to fetch my toys when they are thrown. Although, I do have a hard time giving them up. You could probably teach me the "Drop it" command, but at this time I like to keep them to myself.

We went for a walk and that was a blast! We went through fields, woods and on a sidewalk. It was all great, but the sidewalk thing I didn't quite understand. I did pull some, but that's just because I wanted to get to where we were going.

If you see me at the shelter, remember that I do not like it here and bark to let you know that. Outside of the shelter I only bark when I want something. If you are looking for a well behaved Beagle, I could be the dog for you. Come to the Bangor Humane Society for a visit or check me out on this link .

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