Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dog's Day Out for Bubba

Today was my lucky day as I was selected to take part in Dog's Day Out!!!  Whoa - this was pretty exciting for me and I think that I put my best foot forward.  I may not be the smartest dog at the shelter (I am clueless to basic commands such as sit, stay down). or maybe I have just forgotten what I was once taught.  You see, I've been in a few shelters recently and am really hoping to find my forever home soon.  I know that I would love to spend time with a loving family and learn all they had to teach me.  I am a very lovable guy who loves attention and treats, so I should be know problem to train.

Now for today and how much fun we had - 

Car rides are awesome!!!  I bounced between the front seat and the back for a few minutes.  Then settled down into my special spot - backseat right behind the driver.  If you like to go for rides, I think I might be the dog for you.

In the house, I was as good as a dog could be.  Not rude, not jumping on furniture - just plain good.  I did sniff out the closet with dog toys and chews with no problem at all - FYI, I am part hound.  When given a nice big bone that was of no interest to other dogs, I did show interest.  Then got to thinking about being outdoors and decided that sitting at the door was where I should be - see I'm smarter then I gave myself credit for.

Outdoors was great.  We went down in the backyard for a quick photo shoot.  I pulled some, since being still is not what the great outdoors is supposed to be about.  Finally we went for a walk on the Old Town bike path.  Did you know Old Town is a game preserve and the smells are incredible.  I went through times that I pulled quite a bit, but never out of control.  

FYI - Here I am back at the shelter waiting for my forever home.  If you are interested in a truly sweet dog that is looking to learn some basic commands, I may be the dog for you!!!

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