Sunday, January 16, 2011

Overnight for the Fresh Prince

Just so you know, I am only 4 months old and I am a pit bull mix.  Also you should know, my two favorite things in life are food and cuddles.  I probably missed out on these two things while I was wandering the streets of Bangor as a stray.  YIKES - I was only a baby and I had to fend for myself.  Now that's pretty scary. 

Before you get too scared - I'll tell you the second part of my story.  Some nice people were worried about me and decided to bring me to the Bangor Humane Society.  Most of the dogs here hate it, but it really isn't that bad.  I had to stay here for ten days just waiting to see if my previous owners would come and rescue me.  No such luck, but it's probably for the best.  You see, being a dog owner is a big responsibility and obviously these folks were not that.  While here, I have had plenty of food although I am still quite thin.  I have also had tons of play time with the staff.

Now about my overnight at the Littlefields - 

The car ride was a bit scary at first - I don't think I've been for many rides in my short life.  Was I out of control - no way!!!  I just sat up like a big dog in the front seat.

When I first entered the Littlefield's home, I sniffed out the food and treat closet - YUMMMM!  They had bones that the other dogs were not interested in, but I was extremely interested in.  I took them and all treats very gently - until they brought out the popcorn.  At that time, I had to be continuously reminded to be "easy".  Who would guess popcorn was soooo yummy?

I did not get on furniture or chew anything that was not given to me.  Eventually I was invited to hop up on the couch and do a little bit of snuggling.  I curled myself up in a ball had arms and legs going in every direction.

Stairs were something also very new to me, but once up those stairs I was invited to sleep in their bed.  Yippy!!!  In no time, the Littlefield's thoughts were that this is something they would not make a habit of with a dog like me.  Did I mention, I love to cuddle and I am also a bed hog.  Oh well, it was only one night and if you had a nice soft cuddly dog bed, I think I would like that.

The next day out in the snow was a ton of fun, but also very cold.  After only a short time, I was ready to go back in and cuddle by the fire.  Then it was back to the shelter for me.

If you would like to be involved in the third part of my story, contact the Bangor Humane Society soon.  BHS is requiring mandatory Basic Training, since that would be the responsible thing to do.  I think you and me could have a lot of fun doing this, since did I mention I am food motivated and would be extremely easy to train.  Don't forget - if you are interest in me, hurry to the Bangor Humane Society or check me out on the PetFinder site along with all my other friends here .  If you are looking for an adult hound dog such as Bubba, he is also still here.


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