Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spay and Neutering is a Must at the Bangor Humane Society

I had the privilege of observing Dr Mark Hanks and his team along with BHS's Erica Neal do what they do to help bring an end to the overpopulation of dogs, cats and bunnies.  During the surgeries this team spoke of everyday stuff, but when it came time to moving the animal into their spot for recovery that's when all the attention was given to these future pets.  The job of one team member was to cuddle the animals as they were coming out of the anesthesia.  It was so comforting to observe.

I'm sure that I'm preaching to the choir, but having animals that aren't spayed or neutered creates a huge problem for shelters such as the Bangor Humane Society.  There are more then enough dogs in this world to go around and the shelters are full of some of the best.  Please think twice (or a hundred times) before purchasing a pet from the pet store or that cute little puppy/kitten that is for sale in the local paper.  This only encourages those who are not so responsible to continue doing what they do.  The shelters are full of great dogs that are in need of a forever home.  By adopting an adult dog you know what you're getting and most times they are already trained.  If you really feel the need for a puppy, you will most likely also find one here.  Now off my soapbox and back to today.

Those in the forefront today were multiple cats, a bunch of bunnies and two great looking dogs named Daisy and Buster.  Of course, I'm all about the dogs and can't wait to see these two siblings back in their kennels and ready for adoption on Monday.

Erica with her own cat Seabass
I want to end with a huge THANK YOU to Dr Hanks and his team for doing what they do - volunteering their time and energy for this worthwhile cause.  As always, a huge THANK YOU goes to Erica Neal for the care she gives all these animals everyday.

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