Saturday, January 29, 2011

Max a Million

Hey, my name is Max and this was the day I was picked to participate in Dog's Day Out.  I am a great dog, I but don't put my best foot forward in a shelter environment.  I want you all to know that it's not my favorite place, so I am constantly barking and being very rude.

Now for today -

I love car rides.  If you like to tour the countryside, I may be the dog for you.  Laying down in the back seat is the place for me. 

I seem to like toys and will return them when they are tossed for me.  Today I was able to retrieve squeaky balls, which were quite fun. 

When there was mention of the great outdoors, I went right to the window and waited patiently.  Snow, snow and more snow - that's what I love!!!  I can't get enough of it.  Rolling this way, then rolling that way.  See my photos below, if you don't believe me.

It seems there is a rumor going around about me not liking men very much.  Don't believe everything you hear.  When I entered the Littlefield home, the man of the house was holding a broom - now this should have set me back a bit, but it didn't.  I walked right in and paid no attention to him until he started talking to me.  Nice guy - he gave me a pat, threw the toy a few times.  Who couldn't like a guy like him. 

I will tell you what type of men I don't respect - it's the men that are built out of snow!!!  Now that's just ridiculous.  I could not control myself and the next thing I know - it looked like that snowman had pissed himself.  The secret is all mine - but I did help:)

Once I had added my artwork to the snowman, we went for a long walk in the city forest.  While there we met a few dogs including a little Scotty who was very friendly - I must say that I was also very friendly.  I do not pull on a leash unless there is something very interesting.  Since I did not pull none-stop, the flexi leash was brought out.  This was great, since the smells in a forest are absolutely incredible.

FYI - I am back at the shelter and waiting for somebody that wants a very well behaved dog such as myself.  If you like snow and playing in it, I may be the dog you.  If you like toys, I may be the dog for you.  If you are constantly finding yourself driving from one place to another and would like company, I may be the dog for you.  Remember - I MAY BE THE DOG FOR YOU!!!  Contact the Bangor Humane Society today!!!



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