Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good News, Good News and Bad News

Today I received some good news and some bad news.

Good News - Fresh Prince was adopted yesterday.  What a sweet puppy who loved cuddling as much as he loved food.  Wishing him and his new family our best and good luck with the obedience training.  With such a smart puppy who loves his treats, he is sure to graduate top in his class.

Good News - It's been a long haul for Brady, but his adoption was finalized on Saturday.  Brady spent a good amount of time with a foster family, since he did not do well in a shelter environment.  Thanks to this family, he was eventually able to be placed in a Foster to Adopt Program with his forever family.  This program allowed his prospective family to see if they were a good match (it seems Brady was in need of a special family) and allowed them a few weeks to test the waters before making a permanent decision.  Well, within no time it was determined this was a match made in heaven.  Happy dog, happy family, with Saturday being a happy day for all!

Bad News - Bubba is still available for adoption.  The good news is that Bubba is available to participate in the Foster to Adopt Program.  So if you think you may be interested in a well behaved hound dog, contact the Bangor Humane Society now.  I had this dog in my home for an afternoon and found him to be very well mannered.  As I mentioned in a previous post, he may not have been taught his basic commands, but he does know no means no and was not rude in any way.  He is a very, very sweet dog in need of a forever home.  If you are looking for such a dog and would like to try him out, please contact the shelter today at 942-8902.

I am hoping to go to the shelter myself in the next few days, since I am in need of a dog to cuddle and play with.  Also, my blog is in need of a new post.

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